Never Miss a Deal on TTRPGs Again

Let Deals of Opportunity and your own wishlists on DriveThruRPG and The Dungeon Master's Guild notify you any time titles on your lists go on sale.

Automatic, simple, and free

Are you tired of DriveThruRPG and Dungeon Master's Guild wishlists that don't notify you if anything you've added is on sale?

I was, so I built Deals of Opportunity.

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Automated Wishlist Sync

No need to create yet ANOTHER list, just add titles to your DriveThruRPG, Dungeon Master's Guild, or any other OneBookshelf site wishlist added to Deals of Opportunity and we'll handle the rest

Timely Discount Notifications

Our system checks title for discounts multiple times a day and will notify you when one or more are found for titles on your wishlists. Never miss another sale!

Automatic, Simple, and Free

Using Deals of Opportunity is completely free. No "plus" level of membership, no microtransactions, no gated features. Just sign up, add your wishlists, and prepare to save some money.

As a TTRPG player, game master, and publisher, I know that missing a great deal on a title you have on your wishlist sucks.

Deals of Opportunity knows you never want to miss out on a great sale on the tabletop roleplaying game titles you want, but also that you don't want to have to manage yet another list on another website.

The problem is, the wishlists on DriveThruRPG and The Dungeon Master's Guild really don't do much at all besides serve as a shopping list.

This free tool lets you keep your wishlists where they are, updating them right from DriveThruRPG and The Dungeon Master's Guild, but be automatically notified when any titles on those lists are discounted.

Automatic, simple, and free.

How It Works

Make Your Wishlists on Any OneBookshelf Site
Image showing a screenshot of the DriveThruRPG wishlist screen

Whether you use DriveThruRPG, The Dungeon Master's Guild, Wargame Vault, or any of OneBookshelf site, just add titles to your wishlists as usual

Add Your Wishlists to Deals of Opportunity
Image showing a screenshot of the Deals of Opportunity Add Wishlist screen

Use Deals of Opportunity to subscribe to one or more wishlists and we'll handle the rest! Additions or removals of titles to any subscribed wishlists are synced automatically

Get Notified of Any Discounts!
Image showing a screenshot of the email a Deals of Opportunity member would get about new discounts on their wishlists

Any time any of the titles on any of your subscribed wishlists are seen to go on sale, we'll let you know! You'll get an email digest of all newly detected discounts linking straight to that title for you to purchase